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These are the committees defined within Grand Drama & Comedy Club. Click the view members link or the committee name to see a list of committee members. If visible for a committee, click the More info to view additional information about the committee. If there are subcommittees, a list of subcommittees will be displayed. Click on the name of the subcommittee to view the members.
Applause is a monthly newsletter that includes club events, announcements, member interest stories in an attractive and informative manner. Consider joining this team of creative members! Contact Pat at (859) 553-5448
The elected Board of the Drama Club works together to set the strategic direction of the Club, ensure that all operations of the Club are effectively managed, and all financial obligations are met. Contact President Eileen Brooks
Cabaret Players is a venue for actors who enjoy performing without the stress of memorization. Actors use scripts and props to perform in an intimate setting at the Cimarron Club. Comedy sketches lasting between 10 and 20 minutes are performed for your friends and neighbors. The Cimarron Club offers a relaxed theater experience with audiences of about 80 people at each performance. Productions are normally held three times per season ~ November, January and April.
The Communications group manages broad based email communications to club members, patrons, and the community in general.
A theatrical Costume Designer designs, purchases and creates all of the costumes and accessories that are worn by the cast in theater productions. If you have a fashion background or have creative and artistic talent, consider a position as a Costume Designer for one of the Drama Club productions. Contact Chairperson ROBIN WEAKLAND at (425) -444-9498
Whether you have danced previously, years ago, or not at all, we have the class for you. Instruction is provided by professional choreographers. The Grandettes 'n Guys is the performance dance unit of the Drama Club. We are offering dance instruction to one and all. Instruction is given in a variety of disciplines including: Beginning to Advanced Tap, Jazz, Musical Theater, Hip Hop, Lyrical or Ballet. As a club member, you can dance on the stage in a Drama Club production, anyone in Sun City Grand can just take dance classes or do both - it's up to you. So much fun, the perfect place to make new friends, and a great form of exercise. Contact Robin Kachurak at
The Director Selection committee interviews internal and external candidates to fill the role of Director for each production of the Drama Club. Contact Jolene Nerdahl 952-237-2410
Working within the Costume Department, the Dresser's primary role is to work closely with the costumes including storing, racking, ensuring they are cleaned upon return, and keeping them in good repair. The other main function of the Dresser is to ensure costumes are correctly moved and allocated within the theater, delivering them to the correct actors on time and helping the actors get into costume(s). Some actors will have multiple costume changes during the production so anticipate an active role as a Dresser. POSITION IS CURRENTLY OPEN
The Education committee works with Grand Learning to design and deliver classes to the community, including classes on Acting, Directing, Light and Sound, and any other areas of interest. POSITION IS CURRENTLY? OPEN
Purpose - investigate, adopt, and present moments of fun, enjoyment, amusement and participation to entertain current and potential drama & comedy club members. Primary goal: find ways to involve the membership to have fun! Secondary goal: promote volunteering to get more membership involved. POSITION IS CURRENTLY OPEN
The Hospitality Committee is made up of a group of volunteers that are responsible for the Drama Club gatherings whether it is a party or a meeting. This includes Cast Parties, Drama Club Meetings, the Holiday Party and the Annual Picnic. POSITION IS CURRENTLY OPEN
Without a script, there would be no plays. Without lighting, the plays would not be seen. Whether it's discreet and naturalistic or dazzling and imaginative, the lighting is absolutely integral to a production. The Drama Club Lighting Team works with the Director to create the right lighting to portray the scene. Some opportunities include programming and working the light board which controls the rigging lighting. Bob Nix at (623) 214-8280
Makeup Artists interpret the make up requirements of the venue to produce creativity and technically accurate visual representation. This may be very basic to more special effects to creating a character through the medium of makeup and working closely with the Wig and Hair Committee. POSITION IS CURRENTLY OPEN
The General Marketing Team is responsible for the advertising/marketing of all performances which includes articles and ads for the Grand Lifestyles magazine, local newspapers and any other public relations work. Email marketing, which includes e-blasts, and a new Facebook page are included in the team's responsibilities to reach the maximum population. The Grand Drama and Comedy website, including content, format and maintenance, is a vital communication tool for the Club membership. It also serves to educate people seeking information on the Drama Club and its productions. All members are encouraged to visit the web often since the content can change daily. ~ General Marketing: OPEN POSITION ~ Main Stage Graphics Committee: Kay Ford at (623) 451-5057
We are always looking for volunteers to assist with Membership activities so please consider being a part of the Drama Club Membership Committee. ~ Contact Membership Chair, Sandy Greenberg, at (847) 477-5733 ~
The purpose of a photography committee is to: photograph, collect, and store photos of club activities which includes stage plays, musicals, Cabaret Players, meetings and other club functions. These will be available through a variety of sources (print, slideshows, etc.) The photography chairperson is also a member of our new newsletter "Applause" and many photos come from the photography staff. COMMITTEE CHAIR IS OPEN
The Main Stage Play Selection Committee reads, discusses, and ultimately selects the plays that the Drama Club presents on the main stage each season (subject to approval by the Drama Club Board). Chairs Judy and Bill Shields
The Producer is responsible for the overall production and is the "Go To" person for all aspects of the show production teams. Contact Jolene Nerdahl at (952) 237-2410
Do you enjoy scavenger hunts and have a fascination with antiques, oddities, and other interesting "junk"? If so, theater properties could be a perfect match for you. At the Grand Drama & Comedy Club, there are two committees responsible for this important job. The PROPS are considered the smaller objects necessary for the success of a production, and the PROPERTIES are the larger objects, generally furniture. Contact Pauline Klemmer 623-225-9127
?Once the shows have been selected for the upcoming season, the Season Ticket Committee begins their work of marketing the Season Ticket Packages to former and new patrons. The new season's season ticket application and marketing material are created and emailed along with a welcome message to all current patrons. A deadline to purchase is established and once the date is met, season tickets are marketed on Arts People and the Drama Club website for new patrons. Contact Flo Katcher at (602) 510-9924
All the scenery, properties (furniture) and props the audience sees at a production of a play make up the set design. The Set Designer's job is to design and Set Construction's job is to build these physical surroundings in which the action will take place. The overall look of the set also gives the audience information about the Director's concept of the set that should: For SET DESIGN, Contact Pauline Klemmer at (623) 225-9127 For SET CONSTRUCTION, Contact Larry Anderson (608) 698-1066
The Sound/Audio Technical Team is necessary and important to all the Drama Club's live performance venues as they operate recording and amplification equipment. The sound equipment is used to record, amplify mix, create sound effects and otherwise alter sounds to enhance the stage performance. Contact Patrick Watts at (623) 308-1102
A member of the Stage Crew works backstage or behind the scenes in all the Drama Club productions. Their work include setting up the scenery and assisting with lights, sound, props, rigging, and special effects for a production. Contact BJ Homchick at (360) 701-4568
The essential skill for theatre Stage Managers is people management, as it is their role to coordinate all aspects of a theatre company to ensure the successful delivery of the performance. This involves managing rehearsals, actors, technicians, props and costume fittings, as well as liaising with front of house staff and the Director.
The survey committee designs and produces ad hoc surveys for club members and patrons. POSITION IS OPEN
Ushers are the Drama Club's "FIRST IMPRESSION" to our patrons when they attend a performance and are a very important part of the experience. Contact Co-Chairs Patricia Hedemark (925) 708-3201 or Cynthia Steffen (707) 321-8380
The website group maintains and updates the website throughout the year, making sure all information is up to date, and presented in the most audience friendly manner possible. Contact co-chairs Kay Ford- or Pat Tsotsos-
The Wigs and Hair group works closely with the Director, Makeup and Costuming to ensure the appropriate look and style for all of the characters on stage. Contact Joy Kreick (425) 226-6226 or